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The Different Types of Cosmetic Surgery and Treatments

Men and women of all ages attend consultations at Ashbrooke in Surry Hills, and the treatments they request are as diverse as their backgrounds. T give you an idea of what can be achieved, let’s take a look at some of the different types of Sydney cosmetic surgery and treatments available.

Facial treatments and rejuvenation

There are a number of facial treatments designed to suit a range of skin and facial complaints. We offer Aspect Dr. Clinical Skin Peels range, which works by clearing away old skin cells to reveal bring and fresh skin beneath. Dermal fillers can be used to selectively pump facial areas and minimise wrinkles, while anti-wrinkle injections help to smooth lines and wrinkles in specific facial areas by expert hand.

At Ashbrooke we provide Ultherapy, which uses ultrasound to non-invasively tighten and lift facial tissues to stimulate collagen growth. We also use Platelet Rich Plasma to improve skin texture.

One of the most effective surgical possibilities is Silhouette Thread lift. Our physician makes miniscule incisions to apply these threads which works to raise and support areas of the face and neck for a subtle facelift. This is a very safe and highly effective way of achieving a natural looking improvement in the skins appearance.


Liposuction and light therapy

No matter how healthy we are, many of us can often have stubborn deposits of fat around our hips, stomach, upper arms and legs. Ashbrooke offers a number of sculpting options that can streamline those deposits including Liposculpture which used local anaesthetics for a more refined result than liposuction, and Vaser Lipo or Sculpsure, which used concentrated light energy to target stubborn areas of fat on the love handles, abdomen and upper arms. Both of these procedures offer fast results with minimal downtime or discomfort.

Hair Transplants

Both women and men can experience a loss in confident through hair loss, and topical treatments don’t always produce the improvement people seek. Micrografts are one surgical option that are meticulously completed with up to 2000 grafts in one session, and the results look incredibly natural right from the start.

Vein treatments

Swollen varicose and spider veins not only affect the appearance of legs and feet, but they can also be very uncomfortable. Sclerotherapy works to harden the appearance of legs and feet, but they can also be very uncomfortable. Sclreotherapy works to harden and shrink the problematic veins in which then fade over time for a physical and aesthetic improvement.

Whatever your cosmetic objectives, your Sydney Cosmetic surgery physician will take time to carefully assess and recommend the ultimate treatment for your needs. Call or message now to book your free initial consultation.
Fractional laser to improve the quality of skin and also helps to get rid of sun damage.

IPL is the light therapy which we use to rejuvenation and also for broken capillaries. The latest in fat transfer is nanofat transfer. So we can rejuvenate the full face by using this special technique. It improves collagen and also improves skin texture and is a wonderful procedure for around the eyes. We also do the Brazilian butt lift with fat.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Cosmetic Surgery

If you’ve been considering having some cosmetic surgery in Sydney done to refresh and rejuvenate your appearance, then it’s important to first consider the advantages and disadvantages so you can make a fully informed decision. We take a look at the major pros and cons of cosmetic surgery.

Advantages of cosmetic surgery:

  • Cosmetic surgery can transform your self esteem.

If there are particular wrinkles or leg veins that are weighing on your mind, eliminating these concerns through treatment can have a profound impact on your self-confidence. If it means you can enjoy yourself at the beach without worrying or smiling your biggest smile, then booking a consultation could be the best thing you ever choose to do.

  • Some cosmetic surgery can be beneficial to your health.

Many cosmetic surgery options aim to address problems that impact your health and wellbeing. Breast reductions can minimise spinal damage, for example, while vein treatments (or Sclerotherapy) can reduce the size and discomfort of problem veins. It also decreased the chances of clots occurring.

  • Recovery time is much improved.

Many people’s perceptions of cosmetic surgery is outdated, with an old fashioned idea of being scheduled for weeks or months recuperating.  Surgical and non-surgical techniques have improved exponentially and many are now minimally invasive, meaning beautiful results with less pain and a much quicker recovering time than in the past.

  • It’s easier than ever to know what to expect.

Any work you choose to have done will be clearly explained to you, while a before and after gallery enables you to picture potential changes more clearly before you begin. With realistic expectations you are likely to be delighted with the results.

Potential disadvantages of cosmetic surgery

  • Any surgery has its risks

Even elective surgery can have its side effects and risks, from some swelling and bruising to more serious complications. It’s imperative to choose a cosmetic practitioner who will explain any risks to you clearly and has the expertise to complete the surgery effectively and professionally.

  • You can overdo it

We’ve all seen examples of people who have had too much cosmetic work done. Work with a cosmetic surgery team that is willing to tell you honestly if a particular surgery is not appropriate for you and you’ll avoid the unmoving appearance that can come from too many procedures.

  • Not all cosmetic specialists are the same

Although the standard of cosmetic surgery in Sydney is very high, specialists each have their individual style and approach. Take the time to review before and after examples of work that the specialist has completed previously and think about whether these are the type of results you’re looking for.

Of course, many potential disadvantages can be avoided entirely by working with an experience and reliable cosmetic team. To arrange a free initial consultation for cosmetic surgery in Sydney, contact Ashbrooke Surry Hills today.

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